The ADP kids were fortunate enough to have former Richmond coach and AFL umpiring director Jeff Gieschen come in for the first session of the year. Jeff was really engaging with the students and touched on topics which applied to our squad, including handling pressure at school, homework, friendships and sport.

Jeff was touted as the best young football talent in the Gippsland area at the age of 13, so much so he had a sticker of himself being handed out at the local petrol stations to stick on the back of the family car. Jeff introduced the “Kambrya Athlete Development Wheel” in which the kids had to rank themselves out of 5 in certain areas of their sport and training. These included skill, fitness, work ethic, diet, enjoyment, sleep/rest, composure, leadership and resilience. From here the kids were able to identify their strengths and weakness in a holistic approach.