Year 7 2023 Enrolment Information2022-07-22T11:51:50+10:00

Kambrya College would like to inform prospective parents and guardians of 2023 Year 7 students of the following:

Kambrya College School Zone:

Enrolments are provided to students within our current School Zone as set out by the Department of Education and Training.  We foresee that students living within our school zone or with older siblings enrolled for 2023 will most likely bring the school to full capacity in Year 7 for 2023. Those living outside our school zone are still invited to attend the transition evening for more information, however due to restricted numbers enrolment applications from outside our zone are unlikely to be successful.   This applies to all students, including those wishing to apply for special curriculum programs (SEAL, ADP, MDP).

For additional information please refer to the following websites:

Kambrya College School Zone

School tours for grade 6 2022 students and parents only

There are no school tours currently planned. Please view our virtual school tour from the link below.

View our Virtual School Tour

Year 7 Special Programs Application Process

Applications are now open for SEAL and ADP Special Programs.  Each program has 2 parts to the application process, please read through all documentation and follow all instructions on this page:


  1. Online Edutest registration (payment) for SEAL program closes Friday 29th July 2022 – see below for the link
  2. Expression of Interest Applications close by (includes proof of residence documentation to beprovided by) –  Friday 5th August 2022 – see below for the Year 7 2023 Specialised Program Expression of Interest form link.


  1. Expression of Interest Applications close by (includes proof of residence documentation to be provided by) Friday 19th August 2022 – see below for the Year 7 2023 Specialised Program Expression of Interest form link.
  2.  ADP Application Profile form closes Friday 19th August 2022 see link below.

Late applications for SEAL and ADP will not be accepted.

Applications for MDP will open in late September 2022.

Please email Mrs Rose Serra on rosetta.serra@education.vic.gov.au if you have any questions relating to the Special Programs applications.

****Please note that the application process, may change at any stage.  Should we be required to make changes our college website will have relevant information for all parents.

Prior to completing the online forms below please read through the Yr 7 2023 Specialised Programs Application Process.

Follow the instructions for each program you wish to apply for.  Please also read through the Special Program flyers below for program specific information.
Complete the Online Expression of Interest Form for each Special Program you are interested in

Year 7 2023 Specialised Programs: Expression of Interest Form

Year 7 2023 Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL)

Prospective applicants must also register and make payment online (below).
Edutest registration for the Year 7 2023 SEAL program


 Online registration and payment closing date: Friday 29th July 2022 (failure to complete Edutest online registration and fee on time, will result in your child not being able to be considered for our SEAL program.

Year 7 2023 Athlete Development Program (ADP)

Prospective applicants must also complete the following ADP Application and Student Profile Form.
Athlete Development Program Application and Student Profile Form (Year 7 2023)

Year 7 2023 Musician Development Program (MDP)

Prospective applicants please refer to the MDP flyer below for information, online registration will be open in late September.  Students accepted into our college for Year 7 2023 are welcome to apply for this program through this process. The 2023 MDP flyer will be available at a later time.

We thank you for your interest in our College.

Transition FAQ

How many SEAL positions are available for 2023?2022-07-22T10:19:18+10:00

There will be 1 SEAL class for Year 7 2023 – total of 25 students.

Approximately how many students normally apply for SEAL positions?2020-05-15T09:28:31+10:00

Over the past few years, we have had between 100 – 150 students apply for the SEAL program.

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