On Tuesday 8th of May, Soren Jensen from the Start Smart Secondary Program delivered an inspiring talk with the aim of motivating our 48 Year 12 VCAL students to make smart decisions about money. This workshop was organized to create awareness for our students in terms of money, to prepare for their future and was in line with the assessment task that they are going to work on. Soren explored a variety of topics associated with earning money such as getting your first job, taxation and workplace rights and responsibilities so that students are equipped with tools to allow them to maximize their income and enjoy their work. Soren also encouraged students to identify their most common barriers to saving, such as irregular wages and binge spending, before challenging them to identify practical strategies to overcome those barriers.

The highlight of the workshop was when Soren explained how students could use superannuation as an investment vehicle to even become a millionaire in the coming years! The workshop as a whole was very interactive and students were engaged to ask and clarify questions they have encountered at work in regards to workplace rights and superannuation. It was highly beneficial to our students and helped prepare their mindsets/perspective about their future financials.