Kambrya has a dynamic and fast-growing music program led by teacher Mr Adrian Violi and a vibrant team of some of Melbourne’s best specialist instrumentalist teachers. The College boasts a classroom and instrumental music program that caters for a wide variety of instruments and students from beginner to VCE levels covering everything from performance, theory, aural concepts, recording/sound production and composition.

In the classroom, students in years 7-9 experience some of the very basics that continue through to the later years. This foundation is essential to the success of any music program and we are thrilled with the progress the students have shown in these areas. Furthermore, the standard of musician at year 9 is very promising indeed as they make their way towards VCE. Our VCE students study the deeper theoretical and performance aspects of Music at an advanced level including musicianship, aural training, practicing with a technical focus and of course, performance. These students are often the ones asked to perform at College events where music is a must.

Students at Kambrya College also gain access to be part of the Musician Development Program (MDP). This program allows students access to private tuition and a thriving ensemble program. Students work one on one and in groups with their specialist teachers to get relevant and professional instruction on their specific instrument whilst also having the opportunity to participate in ensembles to experience performance and working as a team with other musicians. Furthermore, MDP provides the opportunity for students to meet and see some of Australia’s best professional musicians up close and personal in our live Masterclass series, in our very own Theatre.

Our philosophy is that every student should be able to experience Music as part of a well-rounded education. We’ve seen first-hand how the discipline of learning an instrument and the self-esteem boost a performance gives creates a positive experience for a student and supports wellbeing. Music education excellence is our focus but also, we just want to make better musicians and provide students with the joy that music brings.


Please take the time to read over all the information provided below regarding involvement in MDP at Kambrya College. If you still have questions or queries, these can be directed to:

Tahlia Leedekerken | MDP Administrator

Adrian Violi | Director of Music/MDP Coordinator

Contact email: MDP@kambryacollege.vic.edu.au


Online MDP Application – Form A – Instrumental Music Tuition/Ensembles

Online MDP Application – Form B – Ensembles Only

2025 Musician Development Program Application

To view details about each of the Special Programs that Kambrya College has to offer, click on the below link to refer to our Year 7 2025 Enrolment Information webpage.

Year 7 2025 Enrolment Information

Applications for the MDP Special Program will be open at the by the end of Term 3 2024

MDP Semester 1 Ensemble – Please click on the link below to see the Details

Ensemble Concert 2024 Program