The G.I.R.Ls (Growing Independent Resilient Learners) Program is an alternative learning program for a select group of Yr.9 girls. The program caters for the learning needs of girls who are disengaged from their ‘curriculum’.

The girls will be selected from across the Sub-Schools of the College and will form a new home group in Yr.9 Bulen. Students will work closely with a small number of selected teachers to maximise their potential. Students will attend school on a full time basis; however, they will work to a timetable that is aimed towards an alternative set of assessment outcomes. The weekly program will have a Literacy and Numeracy focus, as well as Community Service, Personal Development and a STEAM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) style class. The class will also partake in a Health and Physical Education program and additionally students will enrol in two electives per semester.

The program provides the girls with opportunities to participate in incursions and excursions to help them re-engage with their schooling. There is ongoing relationships with Casey Tech School, Landcare,  and the National Rugby League (NRL); who support the delivery of opportunities to the class that they normally would not have access to.

There is a fee associated with the G.I.R.L.s Program, which will be discussed at an Information Night (date to be determined). Afterwards, Yr.8 female students (in 2020), will have the opportunity to register their expression of interest for the 2021 Program.

All applicants will undertake a 1:1 interview as part of the selection process into the program. A parent / guardian is also invited to be part of this meeting and discussions.

The purpose of the G.I.R.L.s Program is to develop self-awareness, confidence, resilience and social awareness. Through the program students will be provided with additional support to improve their academic achievement, connection to the community and a clear and goal orientated focus for their time at Kambrya.