Without doubt, the outstanding achievement of the past few years was the complete review and overhaul of the curriculum from years 7 to 12 and the assessment items that grow out of it. The original incentive to undertake this huge task came with the advent of the new Australian, and then Victorian Curriculum. Our teachers however, saw this as an opportunity to build a new curriculum for each of the eight learning areas that would meet the needs of the students and allow us to deliver a much higher level of consistency and quality teaching in all areas. A central focus of the curriculum review was to articulate Power-standards, draw up student checklists for common assessment tasks and quality check assessment rubrics. This work will help to build student capacity to achieve success at school, regardless of their chosen pathway.

It is a rare thing to see a thoroughly documented curriculum that is logically scope and sequenced from Year 7 to Year 12 such as that which is now in place at our college. Congratulations to all teachers on this extraordinary achievement! A special thanks to the 8 Learning Domain Leaders and Pip Edwards for overseeing this project. This superb work will be of immense value in the years ahead.