At Kambrya College there is a strong student leadership presence, with many opportunities for active participation in all year levels.

The student leadership team is run by year 12 School Captains. These captains lead and support other student leaders in proposing and creating change and improvement in wide-ranging aspects of the school. They work with other students, staff and the Principal Team to create opportunities for authentic student voice and influence decision making, advocating for and representing the voice of students across the College.

The Student Leadership Team comprises of seven committees: Wellbeing and Student Support, Facilities, PR and Communication, Curriculum, Events and Fundraising, Environment and Sustainability and Culture and Diversity. The Committee structure was designed by Kambrya students in consultation with other student leadership teams, staff and the Principal team in order to ensure that the Student Leadership team were able to provide authentic student voice and strive for positive changes in all aspects of College life. Each of the committees is led by senior students who promote change and represent student voice within their respective area. These committees are open to student from all year groups to join.

Each year 7-10 Homegroup also has a Homegroup Captain and each Sub school has two Sub school Captains. These students meet with the Sub school Leader or Student Manager to represent the student voice and champion initiatives for student connectedness within each Sub school.

Student leaders are supported to develop genuine leadership skills and authentic opportunities for student voice. Members of the Principal Team meet with Committee Captains, School Captains and Sub-school Captains twice a term to collaborate on projects, discuss proposals and explore avenues to develop student connectedness and voice across the College.

Student Leadership Structure