Our mission statement

To be the school of choice for students who have a flair for, or a strong desire to develop skills in all facets of the hospitality industry and who wish to seek advancement in the area of the culinary arts. We will do this by providing an environment inductive to supporting young creative chefs realise their potential and passion for working with food.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

  • The program aims to provide your child with the opportunity to:
  • Discover clearly defined pathways to allow a seamless transition for students to pursue their culinary ambitions
  • Develop their skills in an inclusive, supportive and stimulating environment
  • Establish high level leadership qualities in their personal, educational and vocational endeavours
  • Access expert technical support from industry specialists

What makes the Kambrya Kitchen Master Class different?

  • Providing students with the opportunity to engage and excel in all areas of food preparation, production and food service through practical application
  • Flexible curriculum to support the different skill levels of learners
  • Unique partnerships with external industry stakeholders like William Angliss Institute
  • Expert industry experienced teachers and trainers
  • Industry guests and speakers, visits and excursions
  • Offering and executing exemplary hospitality pathways programs from Years 7-12

How is the program structured?

2 hour session per week

  • Student will attend a session every Wednesday from 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Focus on hygiene and safety within the food industry

Students will:

  • Undertake the Accredited course to gain their Safe Food Handling Certificate
  • Participate in scientific experiments related to bacteria and food poisoning

Focus on food groups from farm to plate

  • Knowledge of essential ingredients – cultivation, purchasing and preparation of these ingredients
  • Basic knife cuts and techniques
  • Food presentation and food photography
  • Culinary equipment and usage

Guest speakers and presenters from Industry
Excursions and visits related to current topics

What are the Expectations of Students in the Program?

Expectations are high for students in the KK. Your child will be expected to:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that meets the College’s rules and expectations
  • Comply with all training requirements and schedules as designed by trainers and support staff
  • Adhere to College uniform requirements at all times, including wearing correct attire when undertaking classes linked to the KK
  • Maintain acceptable results in their Interim and Semester Reports across all subjects.  This will be based on an individual basis and will be at the discretion of KK staff and Principal Team. Students will be expected to demonstrate genuine effort in all aspects of their schooling
  • Maintain 90% attendance in classes and scheduled training sessions

Are There Any Fees Associated With the Program?

As participation in the Kambrya Kitchen Master Class Program is voluntary, not all of the cost will be covered within the College budget. In 2018 the entry fee for the Program is $500

Application Process

Details of the application process will be made available at the information sessions on 21st March 2017 or 19th April 2017 at 6:45pm. All students wishing to apply for entry into this program will be required to:

  • Complete and submit an initial expression of interest
  • Ensure that KAMBRYA COLLEGE is your number one preference on the Application for Year 7 Placement form (obtained from your child’s Primary School)
  • Obtain relevant references from family, friends and teachers etc.
  • Attend an interview

Timelines and application forms will be made available at the information session, as well as the College website www.kambryacollege.com